On this day (12 March 69) our company (Co. A, 1st Bn, 8th Inf, 4th Inf Div) came across an NVA bunker complex (in the Plei Trap Valley area, just west of Polei Kleng Special Forces Camp), and also an unknown  size NVA force.  All hell broke loose.  Our point elements SP/4 Kaiser, PFC Summerlin, 1st LT LePeilbet, and SP/4 Pearce came under intense fire from these bunkers.  1LT LePeilbet got hit by grenade fragments.  Then PSGT White and Sgt. Horton attempted to maneuver on the bunker with these men (PFC Summerlin, SP/4 Pearce).  They almost reached the bunker, when a recoilless rifle went off wounding SP/4 Pearce, PSGT White, Sgt. Horton, and PFC Summerlin. 

Since all our leaders were wounded, SP/4 Jerry Loucks took complete command.  He and Sgt. Woodall maneuvered on the (same) bunker alone.  SP/4 Loucks had received fragments before this, and refused medical aid.  He moved up behind the bunker, and Sgt. Woodall came up on the (right) flank.  A NVA started firing out of the rear of the bunker at SP/4 Loucks, wounding him in the face.  While he (Loucks) sprayed the bunker (killing the NVA), Sgt. Woodall dropped a grenade down into it. 

After all the bunkers were silenced, SP/4 Loucks took complete command, while still refusing medical aid.  The NVA had split our forces from our main element, and SP/4 Loucks moved our two platoons to keep us from being wiped out.  Whenever he would receive fire, SP/4 Loucks would immediately go to that area, and direct counter fire until the enemy was silenced.  He directed the movement of the wounded, and also directed the movement of the two platoons back to the main force of our company.  He continued to direct fire, distribute ammo, and help the wounded.  He would run across open areas through intense machinegun fire to help people.  Whenever some of our people were pinned down by the NVA, SP/4 Loucks would quickly silence the enemy. 

When our two platoons rejoined the Company, SP/4 Loucks then had his wounds bandaged.  When the dust-off came in, he refused to go.  He had to stay and help the men. 

During the 6 hours of continuous fighting, SP/4 Loucks personally silenced one enemy bunker, and was wounded twice, and yet refused medical aid.  He took command and saved our platoons, and I believe by his direction, the whole company.  He took care of moving the wounded. 

The man did an outstanding job.  Without SP/4 Loucks the Company would have been overrun.

 S/ Ron Westbrook

PFC, Infantry

Eyewitness - Jerry T. Loucks Awarded the Distinguished Service Cross  

Specialist Fourth Class Jerry T. Loucks distinguished himself on 12 March, 1969, while serving as a rifleman with Alpha Company 1st Battalion, 8th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division in the Plei Trap Valley in the Central Highlands Republic of Vietnam. 

Jerry Loucks with Buddy Vietnam 1968
Jerry Loucks with Buddy Vietnam 1968
Jerry Loucks Sergeant Grinstead World 1969
Jerry Loucks and Sergeant Grinstead World 1969